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About Myself

I have been working in Personal Development since 1997, when I made a decision to attend a Certificate in Transaction Analysis. This was the beginning of a very exciting journey.

Having realised that life's journey was taking me into another direction, I took the decision to completely change my career path. I had come to the realisation that I wanted to help people. To achieve this end I decided to join a voluntary organisation. I thought long and hard before finally choosing to join an organisaton whose clients were the parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles of substance users.

After doing this for a while I decided that the direction that I seemed to be heading was to take me into becoming a counsellor. I began the course and also joined a second voluntary organisation; this was for bereavement and loss. I completed my Diploma and continue to actively work with this organisation not only as a counsellor but also as a member of the Management Committee.

On completion of my Diploma I was employed by the NHS Primary Care Trust as a Counsellor. I still work with a young persons project and find this role very rewarding.

Jose Jackson

About Keystone T.S.S

Which now brings me to Keystone T.S.S.

I began the company in November 2002. I identified that there was a need for an organisation that could provide counselling, training and support in the area that I live, and, through the people and friends that I had got to know over my years in the field, what better way of fulfilling that need than to launch an organisation with it all under one umbrella.

The services that Keystone T.S.S. offers are listed above. Please feel free to browse the site and if you don't see something that you feel could be useful to you please contact me using the contact page.